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Welcome to the SCE
Counselor's Corner

Ms. Sarah Cox and Ms. Taylor Engels

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What Are We Doing This Week In Class?

Guidance Schedule

Find your homeroom teacher's name below to see which day (A - J) we will be coming to your class during Related Arts.


K - Dunn
1st - N/A
2nd - Dickerson
3rd - Galloway
4th - Williams
5th - N/A


K - Dorman
1st - Casper
2nd - Franks
3rd - Vernon
4th - Adefeso
5th - Busche


K - Huff
1st - Smith
2nd - Mota
3rd - Stafford
4th - Powers
5th - Sneed


K - Warren
1st - Rose
2nd - Skelton
3rd - Renik
4th - Strickland
5th - Nelson


K - Thomas
1st - Neas
2nd - Sickafoose
3rd - Owens
4th - Bijay
5th - Moreno


K - Glass
1st - Morton
2nd - Parker
3rd - Morris
4th - Galyon
5th - Dunbar


K - Shull
1st - Mindigo
2nd - Keener
3rd - Bruce
4th - Murdock
5th - Cooper


K - Rader
1st - Ladd
2nd - Hayes
3rd - Buntin
4th - Lancaster
5th - Roberson


K - Tallant
1st - Richardson
2nd - Crochet
3rd - Runion
4th - Todd
5th - Bone


K - Bryant
1st - Covington
2nd - Perry
3rd - Hannah
4th - Barker
5th - Dean

School Counseling Info

Please visit the links below for more information on Tennessee and ASCA classroom guidance standards and other school counseling policies.

TN Dept of Education.png

SCE Counseling
Vision Statement

All students at SCE are uniquely talented learners who will become responsible, productive citizens through engaging in personal exploration and growth, social responsibility, and academic and career excellence. We believe a comprehensive, developmental school counseling program is a vital component of the total education program, ensuring all students have equitable access to school and community resources and can learn in a safe, respectful environment.

SCE Counseling
Mission Statement

The mission of the SCE counseling department is to promote healthy student development and high academic achievement in an atmosphere of compassion, acceptance, and celebration of every student. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and supportive program that includes students, parents, teachers, and administrators as essential partners. We see each student as a unique individual, capable of success. We seek to develop genuine, positive relationships that encourage all students to explore their interests, engage in rigorous coursework, and embrace life-long learning.

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